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2019 NFL Free Agency News: Kendall Lamm Signs With The Cleveland Browns

Lamm signs with Cleveland

Dallas Cowboys v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Kendall Lamm was the Texans week one starter in 2017. The Texans gave up ten sacks to Jacksonville that game with Lamm as the left tackle to fill in for the recently traded Duane Brown. Tom Savage was benched for Deshaun Watson. Lamm was eventually replaced by Juli’en Davenport.

Despite his atrocious 2017 when Lamm was one of the worst tackles in football, the Texans kept him on the roster for 2018. The tackle position was scrambled for weeks after starting right tackle Seantrel Henderson smashed his ankle in week one. Houston eventually settled on Davenport at left and Lamm at right.

Last season Lamm was a decent enough pass blocker. 2017’s embarrassment was blacked out. He was a horrendous run blocker though and was almost unplayable against Philadelphia and Indy, cratering the run game on his own. Still, you gotta be proud of the guy to come from putrid to kind of crappy on the span of a year. You gotta grind to get the view.

If he continues to evolve as a player it's going to happen in Cleveland. Today the Browns signed him for 2-years $7 million. The Texans current tackle combination is the same as it was in week one 2017—Davenport and Henderson.