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Where Are The Texans Slotted In’s Post Free Agency Power Rankings?

After all the mock drafts, how I missed thee, how I missed the lonely sound of copying and pasting Power Rankings.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency has progressed to where the players left are the equivalent of $5 CDs and DVDs you see in the electronic section of Wal-Mart. LIVE’s Throwing Copper is there. So is a double DVD feature of Rob Schneider classics The Hot Chick and The Animal. With this lull comes time to do other things. It’s a nice checkpoint in the NFL offseason calendar. With that comes a Power Rankings from Elliot Harrison of, he’s a professional football analyst, you know. Here’s what he had to say about your Houston Texans:

Rank 12. Texans

Previous rank:No. 12

Forgive Texans fans if they want to fast-forward to January to see if their team will ever make it out of the early rounds of the playoffs. Winning nine, 10 or even 11 games just isn’t that much fun if, after sitting through the draft, minicamp updates, training camp “diaries,” preseason matchups that cost full price to see but don’t feature anybody playing, and the regular season, you just end up seeing your team lose to the other guys, 21-7, when it counts. Will this be another version of the almost-championship-caliber Texans team? Honey Badger, Kareem Jackson and Kevin Johnson no longer roam Houston’s secondary. In their stead are Tashaun Gipson and Bradley Roby, who are more than capable. So the Texans aren’t particularly better or worse at this stage. If we were to blink our eyes like Barbara Eden and grant the Texans a need filled, though, it would be a mammoth, hearty tackle who keeps Calais Campbell and every other AFC South monster off Deshaun Watson’s tail all afternoon.

Good stuff, Elliot. Check back tomorrow when you can read my version of the same damn thing.