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2019 NFL Draft: Josh Norris’ Top 50 Prospects

Here are some players to keep your eyes on.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been on a Rotoworld kick. I’ll sit there and twirl my hair and check their free agent signings tracker, and their team tracker, which shows every move every team made. It’s been valuable as I, a working man, comes home from the factory and tries to keep up with what the NFL teams and professional football men are doing during the day.

Yesterday, Josh Norris of Rotoworld released his top 50 prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft. This sort of thing is more valuable than just another mock draft. There’s analysis for every player, and it’s all posted all at once. There’s no change in wind, or another whistle to let everyone know it’s time to put together another mock draft.

Anyways, here’s the link to his article. Below are samples on a couple of different players, each of whom may interest the Texans.

7. T Andre Dillard, Washington State

Age: ? | Athletic Profile: 96th percentile

Where He Wins: Stays patient with distance then makes contact with full extension. Keeps his butt to the QB and will ride edge rushers all around the pocket, maintaining the pocket. Will not be overmatched athletically, and his game is built on mirroring and staying in good position. Seems to have above average strength.

Forecast: Obviously the offense doesn’t put him on an island for a long period of time in most passing situations due to quick throws, however, they throw so much that there are plenty of exposures out there for evaluators to feel comfortable with. Not a powerful run blocker, but that’s not what he’s drafted to do. It’ll be about positioning. Plug and play left tackle.

21. CB Byron Murphy, Washington

Age: 21 | Athletic Profile: 32nd percentile

Where He Wins: Great combination of sticking with receivers’ whose goal is to create separation, then catch match up with a more physical receiver while staying patient in his press, slowing down the receiver can close the catch point to deny a catch. In off coverage, his timing to close on the catch is very good. He’s going to come up and smack you when in cover 2 versus a short pass.

Forecast: Has sub-31-inch arms, but from what I saw he fits every single scheme.

Read it. Watch some Youtube videos. Fall in love. The flowers are out. Hearts are open.