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Andre Johnson To Be Inducted Into The Texas Sports Hall Of Fame This Weekend

Here’s your excuse to visit Waco and run around the Brazos river like it’s The Tree Of Life.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Johnson is the Houston Texans first great player. Forever the perfect combination of strength, speed, route runnning, and hands. Spending the beginning of his career leading a terrible pass offense, finally finding a quarterback in Matt Schaub, who was injured, stuck behind a terrible defense, injured again, and jumped off the moon, and then finished his career touring the AFC South after Bill O’Brien told him he couldn’t get 40 catches in this offense and replaced him with Nate Washington.

Johnson has already been inducted into the Houston Texans ring of honor. Now he will be inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. He’ll be included in a class consisting of tennis player Maureen Connolly Brinker, NFL kicker Tony Franklin, basketball coach Nancy Lieberman, Loyd Phillips, Greg Swindell, and Jason Witten.

Now I know it’s short notice, and tickets aren’t for sale anymore, but if you don’t have plans this weekend you can drive up or down I-35 and sneak in the backdoor. Hopefully this won’t be the final resting place for Johnson career, and one day soon, he’ll be molded into bronze and left stoic in Canton. That will be the day. Until then, you’ll have to go to Waco and visit the Texas Sports Hall of Fame to commemorate Johnson’s career.