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Where Does Bill O’Brien Rank Among NFL Head Coaches?

I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Some people count the passing of time by birthdays, new years, or the color of the leaves. Not me. No, not I. It’s not a new year until Patrick Daugherty ranks each NFL head coach on Rotoworld.

Each year, from a Houston Texans perspective, it doesn’t really change. Bill O’Brien ranks somewhere in the middle of all NFL head coaches. This year is no different. This is what Daughery had to say this year:

14. Bill O’Brien

Career Record: 42-38 (.525)

With The Texans Since: 2014

Last Year’s Ranking: 15

Bill O’Brien has three AFC South titles in five years but just one playoff win to show for it. He is also in a fast-improving division, with the Frank Reich/Andrew Luck alliance in Indianapolis of particular concern. Endowed with a remarkable degree of self possession, O’Brien is nevertheless weighed down by unnecessary conservatism. It’s a trait he needs to shed if he’s to make the most of his killer app at quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Typically on the hot seat, clashing with his general manager or both, O’Brien has for once earned himself a quiet offseason after last year’s new high-water mark of 11-5. Of course, it ended with a crushing playoff defeat to Reich’s Colts. O’Brien’s cleverness as a CEO has kept him one step ahead of a pink slip. He needs more of it on the sideline if he’s to maximize Watson and keep his job for the long haul.

I personally would slot O’Brien two pegs lower. Put him right at 16. Make him exactly average.

What about you? Where would you rank Bill O’Brien?