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GroupThink: Who Should the Houston Texans Draft?

You get a pick! You get a pick! Everyone gets a pick!

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Oklahoma Sooners offensive lineman Cody Ford against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2018 Orange Bowl
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This one is all about wish fulfillment. With the draft only weeks away and the Houston Texans lack of free agency moves to fill immediate needs, they really can’t afford to misfire in the draft.

That being said, everyone on the masthead has their go-to player they want to see in battle red in 2019.

Here’s the question: If you had the power to make sure the Houston Texans drafted one specific player in this month’s NFL draft, who would it be and why are you so jazzed about him?

Brett Kollmann

I would say Dalton Risner. He’s an extremely versatile offensive line prospect who can play everything from right tackle all the way over to left guard, so getting a four-for-one player who can be a Pro Bowler at any of those positions sounds like a great deal to me. We still aren’t sure what the Texans OL will look like this season, so at least with Risner we can ensure that he’ll see the field from day one in some position...we just don’t know which one yet.

Kenneth Levy

An interesting pick Brett. I’ve watched a good amount of his film and am impressed with him. I like the way he moves and finishes plays. I believe he is a right tackle in the league. He doesn’t have the punch and drive I believe to be a guard. If he can learn to deepen his kick slide and anchor ability against powerful pass rushers I think he would turn into a stud. Most of the pass rushers he saw in the Big 12 were speed guys, so learning how to go against stronger players will be a part of his learning curve.

For me, if teams forget how to draft, ignore the film, and pass on Cody Ford because of his build I think he would immediately change our offense. Right guard or right tackle, Ford would ignite our running game. He is

Runner ups: David Edwards, Bryce Love, Amani Oruwariye,

Brett Kollmann

I’m a big Amani Oruwariye fan. I’ve got him at CB2. Reminds me a lot of A.J. Bouye.

Matt Weston

There isn’t a tackle I’m just dying for Houston to take. I’d want them to get someone who can play right though so Jonah Williams, Jawaan Taylor, and Kaleb McGary would all be better than Seantrel Henderson right away. However, the only thing I want are cornerbacks. DeAndre Baker, Greedy Fly Williams, Byron Murphy, I don’t care. Houston should just draft like four of them and hope and pray two work out.

The pass rush is going to be Watt and Clowney only once again this year, and Houston doesn’t have any future options, or the ability to cover long enough to make up for the rush. With the schedule they are facing this year they won’t be able to get away with it like last year.

Capt Ron

This draft class looks similar to 2013. There might be a handful of “sure things” and then a lot of questionable talent that may not transition well to the NFL, with the exception being the defensive line prospects, many of which look pretty solid. I would recommend that the Texans trade out of the first round. In fact, I’d prefer to give up this year’s 1st for a 1st in next year’s draft along with a mid to late pick in this year’s draft; especially if Miami is buying.

If Houston holds their position at 23, then they should take the best player available without concern of roster needs. If that means a tight end or defensive tackle, do it. Then cluster bomb the hell out of the rest of the draft for defensive backs and hope they hit on at least one future starting corner. Unfortunately there are not many solid corners once you get past the projected first round.

Alternatively, I would greatly welcome them moving up and drafting tight end T.J. Hockenson. He is an excellent blocking tight end, and very physical after the catch as a solid target in the passing game. When looking at the top players in this draft, he might be the absolute best value for the Houston Texans. It’s clear that he can help the OL in the running game, and be a highlight-reel safety valve for Watson in the passing game as a day-one starter.

Mike Bullock

It’s no secret I’m all about fixing the offensive line. If Iw as asked this question a few months back, my answer would have been Washington States’ Andre Dillard without hesitation. But the more film I watch, the more I like Jonah Williams. He has great awareness, keeps his head on a swivel and doesn’t get thrown by stunts and other defensive misdirection plays. At the end of the day, the Texans need a left tackle more than anything else on the offensive side of the ball, and Williams seems to be the only sure-fire 10 year starter in this group who might still be available when the 23rd pick rolls around.

Next in line would be Greg Little from Ole Miss or Cody Ford. Hopefully Houston has the ability to draft two starting offensive linemen, then address the cornerback position with the other of their top three picks.

Who is your “must have” new player? Is he on this list, or did we miss the one guy you know Houston has to have? Give us your wish list in the comments section.