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2019 NFL Draft: Which Cornerbacks Do You Want Houston To Target?

It’s Friday. Let’s have a discussion.

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Throughout this past week, I wrote all about draft eligible offensive tackles. I looked as in depth as I could at the ‘Top 15’ tackles available, and it’s all out there now. The past is dead. That book is read. It’s time to do other things.

What I would like to do now is watch a bunch of cornerbacks and try to write about them. As a non-college football watcher, the NFL Draft is like one of those dreams where I’m two months into my final semester and realize I never made it to an English class. It’s always this, and some school in a tree house, and lots of plants everywhere. Since I have this disease, I have no idea which cornerbacks are worth watching.

Currently the same three are mocked to the Texans and usually in the first round. It’s Greedy Williams, DeAndre Baker, or Byron Murphy. I know these names, but I don’t know anything about them. I want to know, and that’s what I’ll be doing all next week.

As I learned with Greg Little, the mass produced coverage that’s ubiquitous is often times wrong. I don’t want to watch only these three; I want to watch others as well.

So I ask you, loyal reader: Which cornerbacks are your favorite in this 2019 draft class? Which ones do you want Houston to target? Is there anyone in particular I should take a look at?

There should be a way I can complete some extra credit to still be able to graduate on time.