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Houston Texans Injury Update: The Texans Signed A Broken Tackle

Despite having recently signed a contract to play football for the Texans, Matt Kalil admits he’s currently unable to actually do that.

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

One of the only “name” players the Houston Texans signed in free agency this year was former Carolina Panthers tackle Matt Kalil. As we’ve all read, he didn’t come cheap and nothing about signing him gives anyone the warm fuzzies that he’s going to be the savior of Houston’s offensive line woes.

Now the fine folks over at NBC are reporting Kalil isn’t even capable of taking the field at this point - something you’d think a team physical would have made apparent.

NBC’s Josh Alper:

Kalil’s role in that effort will obviously be contingent on him actually getting on the field and he said on Tuesday that he’s not ready to do that yet. Kalil didn’t play for the Panthers at all last season due to a knee injury and said that he’s not back to full health at this point.

The best part of the article comes in later on:

Kalil wasn’t very effective for the Panthers in 2017, so there’s reason to doubt that good health will make everything alright this year.

All the more reason that Jonah Williams gets my vote for Houston’s #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. That is, if the Panthers don’t nab him first.

One thing you read over and over again when checking into Williams is just how smart this cat is, and that’s the sort of thing you want in a tackle when it comes to protecting the franchise (a/k/a Deshaun Watson).

Is Kalil the answer? Or is he a reply to a question we don’t want to ask?