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BRB Groupthink: We Marked Our Calendars

The masthead joins together to discuss which games they are looking forward to in 2019.

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another Friday. That big beautiful day we waited all week for. Earlier this week I proposed a very important question to your masthead here at Battle Red Blog.

Now that the 2019 NFL Schedule has been released, which game are you most looking forward to watching or potentially attending? Has the schedule changed your outlook on the 2019 season in anyway?

They then went to work spending the entire week thinking, chewing, munching, and going for walks around the block to look for the inspiration required to perfectly answer this question. These are their answers:

Kenneth L:

This schedule is full of amazing games against teams we don’t see as often. I am very interested in going to Green Bay for the first preseason game. I’ve always wanted to see Lambeau Field but the next time Houston plays them in the regular season is in 2024.

Being in San Francisco, I am also a short flight away from the LA Chargers and could likely make the trip.

In terms of the one game I am most looking forward to, I’d have to say the TNF game against the Colts Week 12. A ton should be riding on this game for both teams.

Diehard Chris:

I look forward to all Texans games. There are only a precious few per year and I get excited about all of them unless a certain QB is injured and it sends the season into a hellish Lynchian nightmare tailspin. I suppose my number one as of now is the Sunday Night Football game against the Patriots. The Texans have struggled mightily against the Pats of course, but it seems like most of these have come on the road. So that is the one I am looking forward to the most.

As far as a destination game - New Orleans would be fun but only because the Saints seem to always stumble out of the gate. That one is a big PASS if later in the season. I feel like the week one game will be competitive though, which is based on literally nothing other than me typing whichever words come into my brain. Moments ago I was reading an article about people who put PEEPS ON PIZZA so I can’t really do this right now, but I try for you - so here I am.

Also I’d love to experience the full gameday um - experience - at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City but it’s going to take either or both of a lot of work in Houston’s secondary or KC backsliding for that to be competitive.

If the Chargers were in San Diego that would also be on the board, but I do also like Los Angeles as a city (weird I know) so I would do that one as well.

Peeps on Pizza. The world has completely gone mad.


What Chris said in his first paragraph. We only get 16 or 17 games a year, so I like to enjoy and savor each and every one.

As almost always, it’s that first game, especially being on the road in NOLA.It’s when we get to see if any adjustments were made over the off-season - what’s new and different and special?

Matt Burnham:

I feel like any of the NFC South matchups have potential to be good games. I think Deshaun vs Cam is an interesting matchup. Two athletic/dynamic quarterbacks in otherwise stale offensive schemes.

The Chiefs game will be cool too. I feel like the Texans don’t go to KC very often but I think the NFL dropped the ball on that one, should be primetime in some fashion. Watson vs Mahomes is gonna be the next quarterback media-fantasy. It will start with this one.

I expect a few embarrassing losses that shouldn’t be losses. Somehow they’ll find a way to lose to the Raiders. Or the Bucs. It’s destined to happen.

Matt Weston:

The schedule is tough. We knew this before the schedule was released, but now that it’s here, in paper, all in front you, it becomes real. As of now, it looks like Houston is screwed. They play so many good quarterbacks this season. Their best cornerback is Bradley Roby. Jadeveon Clowney may sit out all of training camp and need three weeks to get going when the season starts. The Texans never added an interior rusher. Next season they won’t be able to win with their incredible run defense slamming down teams that have to run the ball.

That being said, the draft still hasn’t happened, Juli’en Davenport hasn’t out dueled Matt Kalil for the left tackle spot yet, there is lots of spinning around those numbers to be done. This season there are a ton of games to look forward to. I may try to go to the Carolina-Houston game with a friend of mine who became a Panthers fan in the 1990s because of the color teal and a child’s wonder. Mahomes v. Watson is incredible. Watching anyone trying to cover Antonio Brown will be a blast. I can’t wait to turn 37 years old this year and see Tom Brady vivisect the Texans on primetime once again.

But most of all, I’m most excited for the Tampa game. It’s in Florida. I got 150 pounds to gain. I got my Tommy Bahama Hawian shirts packed. My lungs are cigars. The sunscreen is in my blood. I’m all in on Jameis Winston getting one last shot in Tampa Bay and playing in a vertical offense with an enormous selection of receivers. Blast off those cannons. Arrr. I wish I wasn’t like this way, but I am, I so truly am.

Anyways, which games are you most looking forward to seeing in 2019? Are there any games you are looking to attend?