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2019 NFL Draft: Brian Gaine Speaks

The Texans’ general manager stood up on the podium today.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I really love to pick someone’s brain. You know, really take an ice cream scoop to their skull, get in there, and see what they are actually thinking. Brian Gaine took the top off yesterday and let loose, divulging lots of interesting information to the beat reporters, and afterwards Aaron Wilson took to Twitter to let us, the simpletons, know what Gaine was thinking.

The biggest news, and best news, from Gaine is that Will Fuller V should be ready for Week One against the Saints. The speed demon tore his ACL against the Miami Dolphins last year, and with his injury went the Texans’ offense; it was back to being banal and run-heavy, limiting Deshaun Watson and snipping his downfield passing ability. Fuller should be there when the Texans play the New Orleans Saints’ whatever pass defense on Monday Night Football.

Gaine also discussed D’Onta Foreman. The Texans’ primary backup to Lamar Miller broke out against Blaine Gabbert and the Arizona Cardinals in 2017, but tore his Achilles while barraging into the end zone. He played a few games last season and wasn’t himself. He looked more like a rolling walrus than a dancing bear. This offseason, he lost weight, is in good shape, and should be back to his rookie self in 2019.

The elephant in the room is one of the best edge defenders in football, ordained with dreadlocks, wound in muscle, and impossible to block in the run game. The Texans franchise-tagged Jadeveon Clowney. The reports have been that both sides are far away from reaching a deal. Gaine said the plan is still to extend him. Good. They should do that. Give him $100 over five years and $60 million guaranteed. Get it done.

Lastly, Gaine discussed the team’s left tackle situation. The plan is for Matt Kalil and Julien Davenport to compete for the starting spot. Again, good. Bring it. My boat is the only one tied up at Daven’s port. He’s better than Kalil. He should play left tackle. And you know what? Kalil is going to end up the starter even if he shouldn’t be. The Texans didn’t pay him $7.5 million this year for him to not play over Davenport. It’s going to be an atrocity.

Then Seantrel Henderson will get injured and Davenport will play right tackle, and we are going to be riding the same carousel all over again.