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2019 NFL Draft: SB Nation’s NFL Mock Draft Podcast

It’s another mockdraft. This time in audio form.

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Miami Dolphins 2008 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

Last week, we here at BRB, a collective ensemble of malodorous souls, made our selection for SB Nation’s team site mock draft. We selected Greedy Williams CB LSU. Luke wrote about why we made the selection. But that wasn’t enough. SB Nation wanted more from us to provide more to you. So they created the same mock draft in podcast form. And so I took up the task of quickly yammering why we made the decision to select Greedy Williams as well. If you already SUBSCRIBED to the podcast you would already listened to this.

Anyways, all these wounds were stitched together into one collective episode. The direct link is here. The embedded player is below.


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