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2019 NFL Draft Results Live: Sixth Round

The NFL Draft soldiers on and so do we. Follow along with the rest of us here and praise/lament the Texans next pick.

San Jose State v Texas
Somewhere in that pile is the Texans’ new pick.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We’ve gotten through five rounds together and frankly I’m proud of us so far. Nobody’s died, nobody’s used the corner as a replacement for the bathroom. Okay, only a few people have done that but still it’s a low number! The sixth round of the NFL Draft begins now and the Houston Texans have the 195th pick.

Public health/annoyance announcement: Please gird yourselves now for all the incessant talk about the Tom Brady pick, because you know ESPN and NFL Network won’t be able to help themselves. It’s coming this round.

Park it there and watch the draft with us!

REMINDER: Please do not post any tweets or posts that tip picks before they’re announced on the live television broadcast. Doing so will be a bannable offense.