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2019 NFL Draft: Rotoworld Grades The Texans Draft Class

Draft grades are the new mock drafts. Oh what could have been.

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I know by now you are already stuffed and sick of of draft grades. Tired of the national media, the haters and the losers, were you ever even a NFL scout?, bashing the Texans for making the picks they made. Handing out Cs and Ds and wondering what they were thinking.

Rotoworld released their draft grades, and I finally found a positive one. Thor Nystrom gave the Texans a B, and that’s the highest grade I’ve seen for them yet. Here’s what he had to say:

The Texans could have traded a nominal amount of draft capital to move up a few spots to take Andre Dillard, and instead overdrafted Tytus Howard when the Eagles beat them to the punch. That was a regrettable sequence. But after that, the Texans killed it pick after pick.

Houston took verified #myguys Scharping and Warring. In addition to the Lonnie Johnson selection, that was three straight picks right around where I had them slotted overall. I felt like we were sharing draft boards. I wish I could grade them higher than a B, but they’d have had an A+++ with Dillard and only would have had to sacrifice a few late-rounders to do it. You do that. You just do.

The Eagles acquired No. 22 (Dillard) from the Ravens for No. 25 (Hollywood Brown), a fourth-rounder, and a sixth-rounder. Houston would’ve beat that offer with No. 23, a fifth-rounder (the Omenihu pick) and a sixth-rounder (the Crawford pick). Let me ask you, reader: Would you rather have Tytus, Omenihu and Crawford or Andre 300 and a UDFA DL like Daniel Wise and a UDFA CB like Derrek Thomas?

Oh what could have been if the Texans gave up two picks to select Dillard. Houston could have a no doubt pass protecting left tackle for this season.

On the other side of the coin, his colleague at Rotoworld Evan Silva, was a member of the majority:

Overview: The Texans’ draft began in disastrous fashion, getting leapfrogged by Eagles wizard GM Howie Roseman to Andre Dillard, for whom Philadelphia traded up at No. 22. Texans GM Brian Gaine accepted the loss, simply looking directly down his offensive line board and settling for small-schooler Howard, who will frighteningly be counted on as a first-year starter straight out of the FCS. Gaine bounced back on day two for a plus-traits press corner in Johnson and 53-game college starter Scharping, who reminds of Saints LG Andrus Peat. Warring was a terrific in-line blocker at SDSU, but his passing-game projection is up in the air based on his limited receiving resume. Omenihu best projects as a five-technique end at 280 pounds with 36-inch arms. Crawford is too small to cover outside and not physical enough to man the slot. All in all, I thought this was a mixed-bag draft.

Grade: C-

It’s pretty much the same. One likes the Texans later round picks more than the other, which is more credit than the Texans have been given lately by the professional football talkin’ men.