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Football Morning In America Power Rankings Has The Texans Ranked 15th

Peter King thinks the Texans should have done more to protect Deshaun Watson.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency is over. The draft is over. Oh, what an excellent time to power rank each team in the league. Peter King did exactly that in his Monday column. This is what he had to say about your Houston Texans.

15. *HOUSTON TEXANS (11-6)

I would have liked to see the Texans devote more resources to fixing, arguably, the worst position group—offensive line—on any returning playoff team. Last year, the mobile Deshaun Watson was sacked, hit or pressured significantly 275 times in 16 games, per Pro Football Focus. That’s a lot. Houston responded by drafting Tytus Howard, a tackle from small Alabama State, in the first round, after their reported top tackle choice, Andre Dillard, was snatched before them by Philadelphia. I hope Howard can play right away, because he’s desperately needed. It’s amazing that, under all that pressure, Watson found time to hit DeAndre Hopkins 115 times. Imagine if Watson had legitimate time to pick apart defenses. He could connect with Hopkins 150 times.

Even if is reasoning is a little long tooth and wily, it’s right about where Houston should be, and probably where I’ll have them when I do the same this week. What are your thoughts? Should they be in the same neighborhood as the Colts, or down lower hanging with the Jags and Titans?