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ESPN Ranks The Texans’ Quarterback Commitment

Savor your rookie quarterback contracts.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

ESPN has been letting the content flow like a mountain creek all offseason by ranking everything. Head coaches, expected name it, they’ve ranked it. This week they ranked each team’s quarterback commitment. The Texans are low on the list despite Deshaun Watson being one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Here’s ESPN’s rationale:

19. Houston Texans

Starter: Deshaun Watson | Signed through: 2020

Tier: Youngster on rookie deal | Ranking in tier:No. 6

Contract: Four-year, $13.854 million, fully guaranteed contract signed in May 2017. It includes a $8.216 million signing bonus and a team option for a fifth year in 2021.

Rinse and repeat what was written about Trubisky and Mahomes. Watson is Houston’s guy, for sure, at this point, but he can’t be extended until next offseason at the earliest. He was pick No. 12 in 2017, so his contract lags behind that of No. 2 pick Trubisky and No. 10 pick Mahomes. And fifth-year option prices are lower for players picked outside the top 10 than they are for players picked inside the top 10.

The dead-money hit for the Texans if they decided they didn’t want Watson anymore after this season would be $4.408 million, and they’d still owe him his fully guaranteed $1.177 million salary in 2020. Again, fantasyland stuff, but not all of these situations work out.

Do you agree with that assessment?