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Where Does Deshaun Watson Rank Amongst NFL Quarterbacks?

Sporting News gave their answer. Are you mad, bro?

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Patrick Mahomes. Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady. Drew Brees. Russell Wilson. Andrew Luck. Philip Rivers. Matt Ryan. Baker Mayfield. Ben Roethlisberger. Carson Wentz. Jared Goff.

These are the quarterbacks The Sporting News ranked ahead of Deshaun Watson in a recent article based on what the QBs did last year and the what they can do this year. Here is their reasoning:

13. Deshaun Watson, Texans

Considering Watson has been running for his life behind what have been some of the NFL’s worst pass-protecting lines, he has done well to survive and find ways to make plays. With the Texans’ investments at tackle and with better overall health among his targets, Watson in 2019 should have his best passing season yet, with less dependency on scrambling at the first sign of trouble.

Personally, I’m good with Watson being ranked behind everyone aside from Baker Mayfield and maybe Jared Goff. Mayfield, after playing three good games, being ahead of Watson is absurd. Goff went to a Super Bowl, had a great statistical 2018, but is in a perfect situation and doesn’t know what to do when Daddy isn’t whispering into his ear before every play.

What about you? Where would you rank the Texans’ franchise quarterback?