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Houston Texans Podcast: Is He Good?

On this week’s pod we play a very simple game, is this player good?

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 NFL Offseason is over, unless you consider things like Shane Ray and Michael Floyd signing with the Baltimore Ravens as a continuation of it. I don’t. It’s all going to be depth signings from here on out. Who knows where Ndumakong Suh will sign (probably Los Angeles)? Who knows where Muhamed Wilkerson will sign? What about Danny Shelton? How about I don’t care!

Rather than wait for water to freeze and expand a few times to break the ice off the rock, and for everyone else to find a temporary home, the offseason is now about rambling conversations to fill in the gap until season preview season.

To start that off here we play a parlor game called ‘Is he good or not’? It’s a simple game. You pick a player, and try to decide if he’s any good. This leads to a discussion about players like Jared Goff and Vic Beasley. No Houston Texans are discussed because every player on the Houston Texans is good.

The direct link is here. The embedded player is below.


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