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2020 NFL Playoffs Oddsmakers Not Kind To Houston Texans

Based on the latest Vegas numbers, the Texans will be home early this year.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While we’re all hoping the Houston Texans finally run the table and bring an NFL championship to H-Town this season, according to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, it’s going to be an uphill battle. The Texans are not even the best team in the AFC South odds-wise.

What’s worse than that? Westgate has the Cleveland Browns as a potential AFC Championship contender. While Cleveland has done a lot to improve over the last few seasons, have they really shot past the Texans so far they’re in the conversation as a potential NFL Final Four squad?

ESPN has the breakdowns here. But we figured you’d appreciate not having to expend the energy to click away from your comfortable battle red home away from home when it comes to the AFC, so here it is for you, in all it’s (un)glory.

1) The New England Patriots

Can Tom Brady lead yet another improbable Super Bowl bid?

2) The Kansas City Chiefs

Will Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu finally make the Big Game?

3) The Indianapolis Colts

Is Andrew Luck about to bring a title to the AFC South?

4) The Cleveland Browns

Is Baker Mayfield truly the savior of the Dawg Pound?

5) The Los Angeles Chargers

Can Philip Rivers capture that elusive Super Bowl gold and ride off into the sunset?

6) The Pittsburgh Steelers

Can Ben Roethlisberger revitalize an offense that’s now missing Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell?

If there’s anything the Houston Texans proved last year, it’s that they know how to beat the odds. But these odds definitely have them as the seventh team (a/k/a/ a wild card team), and that has never really been kind to Houston.

7) (Wild Card 1) The Houston Texans

Will Deshaun Watson once again defy odds and win a championship like he’s done in high school and college?

8) (Wild Card 2) The Baltimore Ravens

Will Lamar Jackson carry this team, RPO-style, all the way to the finish line?

Give us your 2019-2020 AFC playoff predictions! Think Cleveland really has a shot at the glory or will a tough AFC North chew them up yet again? Expect Houston to beat down the Colts and secure another AFC South title?