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Red Zone Play: Best of the Rest (Part 2)

The Houston Texans roster can still stand an upgrade or three...

Wild Card Round - Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Last week we took a look at several players still on the free agent market. While it’s easy to assume many are still out there for performance or character issues, some are just still out there because they’re asking for all the money.

Chances are this won’t happen, but what’s stopping the Texans from bringing in Suh and McCoy on one year deals? Overpay them both and watch as the rest of the league trembles in terror at a defensive line comprised entirely of first round, pro bowl, in some cases future hall of fame players. But, that’s pure fantasy...

But, this is still the off-season, still a time when making up crazy ideas and speculating on pure fantasy is acceptable. So let’s do some more of that.

With seven of the Texans 22 starters looking bound for the Pro Bowl, there’s certainly cause for celebration - but also room for improvement.

Here’s our batch of crazy things that could, but probably won’t, happen to improve the Houston Texans roster:

Houston Texans trade for Josh Norman

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows the Texans defensive backfield has a long way to go to put the lock on anyone, especially the Colts. So, with rumors swirling that the Washington Redskins are ok with Norman finding a new home, tossing out a low-ball trade offer to shore up the cornerback position might not be a bad idea.

Houston Texans sign former Bronco Chris Harris Jr.

After beating John Elway in the All-Bust-No-Boom [NAME REDACTED] Sweepstakes a few years ago, the Texans are due some leveling of the scales. Waiting for John Elway to move on from cornerback Chris Harris Jr., then swooping in to grab him makes a lot of sense. Especially since Elway has often taken the Al “I’m demanding 3x what this deal is worth” Davis trade philosophy.

Houston Texans trade for offensive tackle Cordy Glenn

The Cincinnati Bengals grabbed my favorite tackle in the draft last month, landing Jonah Williams with their first overall pick. That means Glenn is suddenly expendable and the Bengals could look to save the $7 million dollar cap hit by turning Glenn over to a trade partner. If Houston was willing to give up a mid-round pick next year for a tackle who can play left, right or guard makes almost too much sense.

Houston Texans sign veteran safety Eric Berry

With a long history of bringing in older safeties with big names, it’s a bit of a head scratcher why Houston hasn’t done this already. Surely, Rick Smith would have done so already. But, Berry is nearing the end of the road and maybe the Houston front office is still feeling the sting of Ed Reed... but, even if Berry only pays 25% of the downs in 2019, his leadership could do a lot for a secondary desperately seeking a new identity.

Houston Texans sign running back T.J. Yeldon

This one is more far-fetched than others, simply due to the taint of character issues Yeldon exudes after his all too public spat with Tom Coughlin and the Jacksonville brass. But, he’s still a talented young runner with a chip on his shoulder who might just enjoy getting to gash the Jaguars defense twice a year. And, let’s face it, Houston’s running back room is a ghost town once you look past Lamar Miller.

Houston Texans sign offensive guard Quinton Spain

Here’s another head scratcher. Spain is a stating quality offensive lineman, still in his 20s and still on the street. Maybe his motivation doesn’t match his talent, or maybe his drive has driven off. Either way, Zach Fulton isn’t going to replace himself, so Houston still needs to bring in more competition on the offensive line.

There you have it. Another batch of players the Texans can bring in to help immediately. Add these ones to the list that includes Morris Claiborne, Muhammad Wilkerson, Donald Penn, Alfred Morris, Jay Ajayi and Captain Munnerlyn.

Odds are, Houston is taking stock of what they have in mini-camps before going further with the roster churn at o-line and secondary. But, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to grip that strategy tightly when player who can help are on the street -better to get them in early so they can have more time to be the best player they can be prior to opening day.

What do you think? Any of these names get you fired up? Thinking of a player Houston should go after who could help out immediately? Still wish Patrick Peterson had been traded to the Texans instead of suspended? Give us your strategy in the comments section.