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Houston Texans OTA Update

I love the news.

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I love nothing more than to read the news. Hear what’s happening. Learning about what is occurring outside while the doors remain locked and the windows are hollering open. You and I are real people, the backbones of American society, the average working people the world is made up of and for. Although this is true, there are gluttons who exist purely to watch people practice football and report on it. Here are some of the tidbits to come out of the Texans’ Organized Team Activities.

Jordan Thomas (Tight End 1):

With Ryan Griffin no longer around, the Texans are relying on youth to step up at tight end. A sixth-round sophomore, Thomas appears to be getting the first crack after catching 20 passes for 215 yards and four touchdowns last year, but he could be pushed by 2018 third-rounder Jordan Akins and third-round rookie Kahale Warring. Houston’s tight ends were not a source of consistent production last season, but there is some sleeper appeal here in a good passing game if someone is able to win the job outright.

—via Rotoworld via The Athletic

Sure, someone has to play this role during this stage of the summer until Kahale Warring takes over.

D’Onta Foreman Feels Great.

This is great news and important news. Foreman looked like a future running back number one in college, and in his rookie year until he tore his Achilles. Last season he was unplayable even when he was healthy. Now he’s angry. Errrrr. Now he’s healthy. Lamar Miller doesn’t break enough tackles in the hole to be anything more than mediocre in this offense. Foreman has shown this ability in the past, and, even then, the Texans’ don’t have a second running back if Foreman isn’t it. We’ve been waiting for you.


The Texans have a big refrigerator at their practice facility now. Cowards. They probably drink water during practice too. No wonder why they can never beat New England. Send them to the sticker fields and make them do up downs, hydration is a lie, cover them in salt instead. Bill O’Brien will never have the physical football team he constantly yearns for.