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2019 NFL Free Agency: Jahleel Addae Contract Details

Here’s what it took to bring Addae to the Texans

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason never really ends, does it? The wheel keeps spinning. The league isn’t resting; they’re out their scrambling to put together their rosters at the conclusion of the 2019 NFL Draft and UDFA signing period to fill the remaining holes on their respective teams.

The Texans had a hole in their roster once Andre Hal retired. Hal could play free safety and was good in three safety sets. His main skill of playing the center of the field to the sideline is going to be missed this season. After the draft, Houston attempted to replace him by signing former San Diego Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae.

Expect Addae to back up Justin Reid at strong safety, see time as a third safety, and maybe even mash in the box a little bit if Houston tries to run those light nickel packages.

It didn’t cost much to bring Addae to Houston. He’ll cost the Texans only $1.105 million this season.

Expect Houston to pursue similar deals with veterans as they fill out the rest of their roster. They should add another pass rusher, cornerback, running back, and maybe even an experienced outside wide receiver since there are plenty of those lying around.