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Houston Texans Request Permission To Interview Nick Caserio

Things are happening.

NFL: Houston Texans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, John McClain reported the Houston Texans put in a formal request to interview Nick Caserio, the New England Patriots personnel director. Apparently, despite the Texans having interviewed at least two other candidates, Caserio is the Texans’ top choice to be their new general manager to replace the recently fired Brian Gaine.

Houston has also been linked to New England’s Monti Ossenfort, their Director of Player Personnel, as well as former Chiefs’ general manager and Patriots’ personnel guru Scott Pioli. Neither of them have been interviewed yet.

All signs point to Caserio being Houston’s man. Of course, the Texans have to formally request to interview Caserio and Ossenfort because they’re still employed by the Patriots. Unlike Houston’s previous attempts to interview them, which came while the Patriots were playing football and could therefore refuse the Texans’ rquest, the Patriots have to grant permission this time because this is a “high level” job.

Ahhh, bureaucracy and convoluted rules in an attempt to stave off tampering. Caserio could, however, simply decide he doesn’t want to interview with the Texans and stay in New England.

Additionally, Sports Radio 610 has reported the Texans are looking to sign someone by this Friday and the new hire will change their organizational structure.

The Texans expect to have the fourth general manager in franchise history in place by Friday, with Nick Caserio likely the choice, an NFL source told Sports Radio 610.

In addition, the power structure within Texans football operations is expected to be redefined, with Texans senior vice president Jack Easterby taking on as powerful a role as the GM, if not more so. Under the new football brain trust, Easterby could well have final say on all football-related decision before they go to Texans owner Cal McNair, the source said.

Easterby, who played a decisive role in the firing of former GM Brian Gaine, has been the Texans executive vice president for team development since April 2. He was integral in evaluating all football-related aspects of the organization at the behest of Cal McNair, who initiated the evaluation after taking over day-to-day operations in the wake of his father’s death.

To sum things up, the Texans are looking to hire Caserio, but have to be given permission by the Patriots to interview him first, which the Patriots will have to give. The Texans may have an answer to the hole at the top of the org chart by Friday, and they may give the recently hired Jack Easterby even more power and control.

Cool. Good. Got it?