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The Patriots Are Mad


New England Patriots Practice Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Usually when it comes to the Texans and the Patriots, the Texans are mad at the Patriots for being 10-1 all time against them, beating them with Jacoby Brissett on Thursday Night Football, dismantling [NAME REDACTED] in a playoff game, coming back to beat them in 2017, and beating them in week one in 2019, and so and so on. But this time, for what maybe the first time only, the Patriots are mad at the Houston Texans for scooping up Jack Easterby.

Greg Bedard at the Boston Sports Journal posted, reported, whatever you want to call it:

When the NFL schedule was released, the Patriots’ road game at Houston was a big deal for the league, as signified by the Sunday Night Football slot on Dec. 1. After all, you’re talking about two defending division champions who have had their last two matchups decided by seven points or less.

But Patriots fans should really make this game appointment viewing, because this could be one of their classic “eff you” games for New England. The scoreboard operator might just get a workout.

Obviously, there’s been some strife between the two franchises this offseason. The Texans sought to interview Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio for Houston’s general manager position. The Patriots countered by filing a tampering charge, which was rescinded when the Texans halted their pursuit of Caserio.

But the Patriots, or at least certain influential members of the organization, are still plenty miffed with the Texans.

”They are livid,” said one source.

”This totally pissed them off,” said another.

New England’s unhappiness toward Houston doesn’t have much to do with the Caserio situation. According to multiple team sources, the Patriots are irate over the departure of former Team Development Director/Character Coach Jack Easterby. And if certain people in the organization had their way, the Patriots would take it out on the Texans on Dec. 1.

Apparently, Easterby, as the team’s former chaplain didn’t enjoy the Robert Kraft prostitution scandal, and it played in his decision to leave New England.

According to Bedard, many within the Patriots organization were upset when Easterby let it publicly be known that the prostitution charges facing owner Robert Kraft “did not sit well” with him and played a part in his departure. Additionally, Bedard suggests that Easterby returning for the Patriots ring ceremony and trying to coerce Caserio to follow him to Houston was the “final straw” for some.

Oooooo watch out for the gun powdah we gonna be pissed come December 1st or something. I don’t know. The Patriots are mad someone spurned them for once, and are still mad Nick Caserio wanted to spurn them as well. You hate to see it happen. You really do.