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Chris Simms Ranks Deshaun Watson As The 5th Best Quarterback In The NFL

I had him eighth. Simms has him fifth.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The offseason has gotten to the point in a relationship where there’s nothing left to say or do. We just sleep in different rooms. Sit on opposite sides of the couch while we watch television in silence. It’s all been said. No one is doing anything. It’s all been done. Everyone is going to just hold on until training camps come around.

In the name of content this means it’s time to find something, anything, to talk about. I can’t take the silence Shelly. This means its quarterback ranking season. Since Jalen Ramsey is too afraid to, we ranked the quarterbacks earlier, and over the last two weeks Chris, son of Phil, Simms has been doing the same. He put Deshaun Watson as the fifth best quarterback. One spot right behind Andrew Luck.

Find out why in the video below.