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BRB Groupthink: More Deshaun Watson Quarterback Rankings

More rankings.

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Earlier this week I ranked the quarterbacks because Jalen Ramsey was too afraid to. Ooooo he’s so mature nowadays. Don’t let anyone tell you that growing up is good or cool. It’s just a mindset man. I placed him eight. Chris son of Phil Simms placed him fifth when he released his rankings earlier this week. We all know what I think, and what you think, but let’s see what the rest of the masthead thinks. Here’s where they rank Deshaun Watson among the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks.

Matt Burhnam:

In terms of 2019 and not full careers, I have Watson at number eight. I will put him behind Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck, and a healthy Cam Newton.

I was torn between Watson and guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, and Carson Wentz.

I trust his ability to take care of the ball and not create locker room drama over Ben.

I trust his overall playmaking ability and clutch factor over Ryan.

I trust his durability over Wentz, and his team actually needs him.

I have zero documentation to prove it but I picked Watson for MVP last season before I was even on the BRB crew. But bar debates don’t necessarily count. He is not my pick this year, but I am high on him and believe he will be in the conversation when we re-visit the MVP race in December.

With all my ranting over, Watson is number eight.

Diehard Chris:

Without specific parameters for this question, I am going to go at it from the perspective of who I would prefer to have running my team - with an offense perfectly suited to them - for just the 2019 season. So this isn’t “who would I build a team around” or “who will have the best career,” etc.

Tom Brady

Pat Mahomes

Aaron Rodgers

Deshaun Watson

Call me crazy, but I think Deshaun is a really big deal and can still be SO MUCH better. If you look at what he accomplished in 2018 with a horrendous offensive line, a questionable RB situation, young tight ends, and injuries that wrecked his No. 2 and No. 3 WRs all season - the sky is the limit. He obviously needs to work on getting the ball out faster, and I would also prefer he learn the value of throwing the ball away when there’s no play to be made - especially in the red zone. Sure, part of what makes him who he is, is his ability to improvise. But in a short field situation I feel like it’s a ticking time bomb to injury and turnovers. I’m not saying cut out all the extended plays in the red zone - I’m just saying SOME. When it’s not a red zone situation, I’m much more comfortable with him just going nuts and running all over the field to make any play he can.

Mike Bullock:

Realistically, I’d say:






There’s going to come a season - maybe this one - where Brady falls from grace. Mahomes is so electric and his ceiling is almost out of sight. He’s the sort of new blood QB the NFL needs in the age of passing. I’d have to say the same for Watson - like Chris said, he’s done amazingly well for a guy who has never had a full season behind a pro-caliber offensive line, with 2-3 healthy, solid receivers, great tight end play and a dependable running game - and let’s not forget some of the A-Gap-Handicap play calling he gets saddled with from time to time. After that Aaron Rodgers is still just a sliver ahead of Brees and Luck, who seem to be interchangeable depending on the supporting cast as far as field generals go.

Hopefully, this year’s Texans’ offense opens the floodgates and lets Watson do what he does best.


In an offense adapted to his skill set, Watson should be a Top 5 QB today. That said, the scheme holds him back so much, he’s borderline Top 10.

Watson is an immensely talented and intelligent QB, it seems rote to say the sky is the limit, but it’s true. I hope that, one day, his peacock will be allowed to soar.

The rest were too cool skipping class to rip cigs and listen to problematic music like Powerman 5000 or Bawdidaba, and the others are on summer vacation. Do you agree? Where would you rank Watson?