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Houston Texans Podcast: Houston v. Dallas 2014

Oh my youth! That pounding heart. We are fresh out the time machine after revisiting Houston v. Dallas 2014.

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Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There are certain games we hold deeply in our heart. Whether it was because of the game itself, a metaphor for something greater, a dominant performance from our favorite player, a bookmark for a season or time we’ll fail to forget, there are games that will forever be more valuable to us than others.

Houston v. Dallas 2014 is one of them for me. I completely forgot about Houston v. New York (G) 2014. Where was I? Who am I? What happened? A quick refresh reminded me of Shane Lechler throwing a fake punt to Alfred Blue to open my own personal gates of hell, DeAndre Hopkins’s one handed catch ruined by an illegal formation, J.J. Watt’s two point conversation stop, and Victor Cruz torching Kareem Jackson on slant routes...five years ago.

Houston v. Dallas is different. I can sit it all clean and clear. I remember the Ebola scare and hazmat suits. J.J. Watt missing Tony Romo once, and missing him again to lead to a Terrance Williams touchdown. Brandon Brooks and Derek Newton. Rolando McClain sideline to sideline tackling. One of Arian Foster’s last great games. Johnathan Joseph v. Dez Bryant. The Ryan Fitzpatrick turnover experience. Bill O’Brien’s decision to punt instead of go for it on fourth and two in overtime. Bryant’s catch over Joseph to pretty much seal it. I remember my parent’s old house, how much I was writing, how much I was dying to be anywhere else, and the end of that awful summer before I moved out to live with the snakes and the rocks and the sun.

With the offseason at its lowest point, rather than fabricate content, we played ESPN Classic and rewatched this game. Here is the full game.

Here is the direct link. Below is the embedded player.


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