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SB Nation Ranks The Texans’ Skill Positions

Backup quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers...they got it all covered, folks.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I’m too punk rock and have listened to way too much Rage Against The Machine to be a full fledged company man. So don’t bathe me in egg yolk and roll me in flour for what you are about to read. SB Nation ranked the skill positions of every NFL team, backup quarterbacks included, and here is what they had to say about the Houston Texans.

Wide Receivers: 9th

Running Backs: 29th:

Miller was a Pro Bowler last year, but the veteran back had more games with 50 yards or fewer (six) than 90 yards or more (five). Foreman missed the bulk of the 2018 season and hasn’t been able to capitalize on the potential that led Houston to take him in the third round two years ago. The rest of the Texans’ backfield is loaded with low-yield lottery tickets.

Backup Quarterbacks: Tier Three Backup Quarterbacks

Tight Ends: 28th

Houston’s top tight end last year, Ryan Griffin, had only 24 catches. Since then, he was arrested for punching a hotel window and released not long after. That leaves two 2018 draftees, 2019 third-round pick Warring, and veteran blocker Darren Fells to step into the void and give Deshaun Watson a little extra aerial support. The Texans have the room to outperform expectations, but there’s not much proven experience here.

It’s a tough job, and it’s hard to write these sorts of things, but without Alfred Blue around, D’Onta Foreman angry and healthy, and the selection of Kahale Warring, the Texans should be ranked higher at both running back and tight end. I will not get started on the Colts’ having the best tight end group. Get mad online if you want, or take this as an interesting and different viewpoint. It’s up to you.

Close your eyes. Football starts again in 98 days.