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A Tytus Howard Progress Report

An update on the big man.

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Tytus Howard wasn’t expecting to be selected by the Texans in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. His polo shirt at his press conference proves it. But no matter where he was selected he is here now. ESPN talked to their beat reporters and has an update on each one of the first round selections following OTAs. Here’s what Sarah Barshop had to say:

OT Tytus Howard: Howard certainly has the opportunity to earn a starting spot at either tackle or guard position before the start of the season. He’ll spend the offseason and training camp at all four positions, as he has so far during OTAs. Howard said he can’t wait to protect Deshaun Watson, who said he loves hearing that from the rookie offensive lineman. “I love hearing the idea and the confidence in what he’s saying,” Watson said. “Ever since he got here, he’s been quiet and just going to work. We all love seeing that.” -- Sarah Barshop

So far Howard is playing left tackle, left guard, right guard, and right tackle as the Texans try to figure out their offensive line for this season. This is what training camp and preseason is going to be all about. Get used to it. Hopefully Howard can beat out, let’s say, none of it is too surreal, Seantrel Henderson for the right tackle spot. Perfect. I can’t wait to read more snippets like this for the next three months.