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New Houston Texans Coach May Assure Another Playoff Win

T.J. “Bengal Killer” Yates is all about helping his former and current employer improve.

NFL: Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have had more than their fair share of journeyman quarterbacks over the years, but none hold the distinction that T.J. Yates does.

Not only did Yates quarterback the Texans to their first division title and then their first playoff win in team history on January 7th, 2012, when Houston beat the Cincinnati Bengals 31-10. Yates left Houston, came back, and entered a game in the third quarter just in time to beat the Bengals again-- earning him the nickname “Bengal Killer.”

Not to mention this was the game that put J.J. Watt on the map.

Now, with the Bengals safely off Houston’s schedule in 2019, it seems Yates’s main job so far has been helping the Texans’ offensive line work out the kinks.

Texans Wire:

Yates has been working with the offensive line through the first three weeks of organized team activities. Once a teammate of quarterback Deshaun Watson, it is uncertain if Yates will get to help out quarterbacks coach Carl Smith in the instruction of Watson in 2019.

When asked about the transition from player to coach, Yates wasn’t shy about sharing the oddity of it all.

T.J. Yates:

“It’s a little weird. It’s fun, though. It’s been great so far. I kind of just hopped right into it. As far as transition-wise it couldn’t have gone any easier, just because obviously the familiarity with the building, the coaches, the players, the organization, everything. So, it was kind of just hopping back into it.”

With the additions of Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing and T.J. Yates to the Texans’ coaching ranks, Houston’s brass is doing a good job building on the legacy of the organization in the team facilities.

Now, here’s the question for you:

Which ex-player would you love to see come back and coach for the Texans?