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What’s The Best Offense Houston Will Face In 2019?

Unlike last season, this season is going to see numerous great passing offenses.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I’ve started to formulate the offseason decisions into swirling visions in my head. I can see Le’Veon Bell floating through the line of scrimmage behind Kelechi Osemele, Derek Carr, if given enough time, finding Antonio Brown deep down the sideline against single high, and Rodger Saffold and Taylor Lewan pillaging the right side of defensive lines. Things are becoming clear. Football is almost concrete, instead of ambiguous, names on paper, ideas.

The Texans are facing numerous teams who had great offenses last year, or made enough offensive improvements this year to be at least interesting. They face Atlanta, Carolina, New England, Kansas City, Los Angeles (C), New Orleans, and Indy. And even the whatever ones Oakland, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore, should be better in 2019. So I asked the masthead, who is all on vacation, which offense do you think will be the best and the worst in 2019?

Mike Bullock:

I’ll take the easy way out on this and say:

BEST - New England and Kansas City. Since Brady is getting blood transfusions from Keith Richards, he might just have yet another MVP caliber year. While Patrick Mahomes is certainly only getting better with every passing moment (no pun intended), not only will those two be the best offenses Houston faces, they’ll be the best in the AFC and possibly the NFL.

WORST - Tampa Bay and Tennessee. The Buccaneers still seeming to be trying to find their true identity and until they finally click, of the teams listed here they just won’t have enough to rise from the basement. The Titans are right there with them, jockeying for position among the inconsistent, on-fire/extinguished flames offenses. Not to mention if Clowney is motivated again this year, Taylor Lewan is going to get roasted again and again.

WILDCARD - Oakland and New Orleans. If Derek Car can get back to form, the line can protect and Antonio Brown can be what Gruden wants him to be, this offense could be scary good - but chances are they’re still a year or so away, not to mention Chucky is the King of “play to not lose”, so seeing the Raider offense at full throttle might never happen. Drew Brees is another ageless wonder, who may or may not have finally had his meeting with Father Time. IF he has, expect the Saints to be good, not great. If he’s managed to steal some of Keith Richards youthfulness, then watch out.

Diehard Chris:

BEST - If Kansas City hangs on to Tyreek Hill, they would be my pick. Just so many weapons on that team despite the league having a ton of film on Pat Mahomes now. If no Tyreek Hill I will go with New Orleans simply because Drew Brees has had so much time in that offense and with their young weapons they’re only going to improve.

WORST - I’ll just say Tennessee because I do not believe in Marcus Mariota or that offensive staff at all. I think Tampa could improve dramatically on offense, but without their big changes I would have put them here as potentially worst as well.

Matt Weston:

BEST - If this whole Tyreek Hill thing wasn’t a thing, it would be Kansas City easily. Patrick Mahomes will regress next year, but he’ll regress from 50+ touchdowns and +5000 yards. Hill was instrumental to that offense and created the middle for Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins isn’t a #1 wide receiver, and probably isn’t even a solid #2 option. New Orleans worries me with this whole Drew Brees can’t complete passes over +15 yards thing and the noticeable drop in velocity he had last season. He’s old. When quarterback lose it they really lose it. I really like what Atlanta and Los Angeles (C) has this year, even if they are cowards, and I loved Carolina’s offense last year when Cam was healthy. I’ll still go Kansas City, but it isn’t easy.

WORST - Baltimore. As much as I love Lamar Jackson in a Greg Roman offense, it’s still going to be a run heavy attack, which by default is inefficient, and teams will have a year to prepare for it. Also it’s the Ravens. They are always going to have a whatever offense. It’s part of the rules. I don’t make them.

I pose the same question to you loyal reader? Which offenses will be the worst and best the Texans will face in 2019?