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Houston Texans Fire Brian Gaine

Talk about a Friday afternoon news dump!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I saw it from Mark Berman first.

My initial thought was that perhaps Berman got hacked. But the team has confirmed that yes, your Houston Texans have fired their general manager.

This is bonkers. Firing Gaine now? A little more than a month after the 2019 NFL Draft? What happened? I get being unimpressed, perhaps even downright irritated, with how Gaine handled free agency and/or how the draft played out, but the timing on this is tremendously odd, particularly since many observers would contend Gaine did a fine job during the 2018 offseason, considering he didn’t have a first or second round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Remember all that talk about synergy between Gaine and Bill O’Brien? What changed? Speculation is sure to run rampant.

BFD’s Reaction:

The dear readers of this here blog know most, if not all, of this masthead hasn’t at all been a fan of the Houston Texans’ offseason. Apparently, either Cal McNair is a reader (sup?), or the rest of the front office wasn’t impressed, either.

The search for a replacement, I reckon, will begin immediately. I wonder what Rick Smith is up to these days.

This isn’t the best time of the offseason to search for a replacement. Any favorites out there?

Why must the masthead be so negative?

We’ll have more later. For now, the floor is yours.