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Texans Fail to Reach Long-Term Deal with Jadeveon Clowney; Rest of AFC South Rejoices

Not good, Bob.

Wild Card Round - Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Jadeveon Clowney, not taking a play off.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Continuing the theme of a brutal off-season, the Texans failed to reach a long-term deal with Jadeveon Clowney before Monday’s deadline. This was, of course, an expected development.

Chances are now that Clowney will hold out for most of training camp. After missing training camp last year, he was a ghost the first quarter of the season. For the rest of the season, however, Clowney was a monster, helping lead the Texans’ defense to one of the best Rushing DVOAs of all-time.

Clowney is also only one of two legitimate pass rushers on Houston’s defense, so there is likely yet another huge hole to fill during the 2020 offseason.

Whether or not the Texans made the right decision will ultimately be settled by Clowney’s future play, especially considering his injury history. Re-signing Clowney is a move I would have made early this offseason, and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.