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2019 NFL Game Pass Information

Watch the film.

There’s no right way to watch football. Some go to the neighborhood bar and rip cigs indoors to the rasping howls clamoring for compound fractures and obliterated vertebrae. Others crock pot while their skin grows into the leather as they savor every game in their own home. Others watch the home team and move on with their lives.

I’m a maniac and haven’t met anyone else who watches games like I do. I’m not special. I just need to find new things to do. I’ll watch the Texans LIVE, go do other things, then streamline as many games as I can via condensed versions, and then write and write and write.

In order to do this, I purchase NFL Game Pass every year. It gives you the condensed games and coach’s film for every game going back to, like, 2010. It’s the best. No matter how you watch football, there’s something in it for you.

The NFL just released more information on Game Pass for the upcoming 2019 season. They are adding additional features, with NFL Next Gen stats being the most important, as we continue to beat back against the charting player grade economy. If you do decide to pick up Game Pass for this season, this is what you have to look forward to:

  • Exclusive NFL Shop Discounts: If you’re successfully auto-renewed for the 2019 season, you’ll receive a one-time 30% off discount at NFL Shop. Additionally, as an NFL Game Pass Subscriber, you’ll get 20% off all your purchases at NFL Shop through the remainder of the season.
  • All-New NFL Game Pass Film Sessions: Full episodes are available exclusively for subscribers. Breakdown film with the league’s best players and coaches, as they take you through the game’s concepts and techniques, including: Andrew Luck, Jamal Adams, Jarvis Landry, and more.
  • New Shows: This season we’re adding Good Morning Football, Fantasy Live, NFL 360, and Hard Knocks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • New Team Specific Pages: Our team-specific pages will host your favorite team’s games and shows all in one place.
  • Next Gen Stats: Next Gen Stats play diagrams will be available this season, so you can take your player and team scouting to the next level.

And if you don’t plan on buying Game Pass, maybe this will change your mind. Even if you don’t want to eat the tape and grind the flu, the condensed versions really do make it worth it; the Next Gen stats are just the cheese inside the hot dog.