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Houston Texans Podcast: Midsummer

It’s the last podcast before footballfootballfootballfootball.

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After taking the last two months off to relax and read books and sit in the sun scorch like eggs in the skillet it’s coming to an end. The Football Outsiders Almanac is out. Season previews are sprouting like flowers attached to weeds ordaining the sides of the highway. Training camps open next week.

But before all that happens, I have to go to Wyoming and backpack and sleep outside, and then, it will be footballfootballfootballfootball until we circle back around the sun to that old spot again. On this week’s episode we gossip about the newest NFL news, discuss the Jadeveon Clowney contract situation, and Oakland Hardknocks, and after the break it’s a lot of hanging out and summer movie discussion (including SOME MIDSOMMAR spoilers).

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