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Brian Gaine Is Heading Back To Buffalo

Another chapter in this long, dumb saga.

NFL Combine - Day 1

The Texans’ entirely avoidable general manager saga has turned into a game of telephone. Each time you think it comes to a conclusion, another incoherent whisper is muffled into your ear. Let’s see if I still understand what brought us here.

Back in April, the Texans hired Jack Easterby away from the Patriots to be their Executive Vice President of Team Development. Two months later, the Texans fired general manager Brian Gaine. They quickly put together interviews to satiate the Rooney Rule before trying to interview Nick Caserio. The Patriots retaliated with tampering charges. The Texans rescinded said interview request in exchange for New England dropping the tampering charges, all despite the fact that Caserio had a clause in his contract that probably wasn’t even enforceable. Houston still doesn’t have a general manager, choosing to go with an Articles of Confederation instead.

Now Brian Gaine is heading back to Buffalo, where he worked for the Bills in between stints with the Texans, as a Senior Personnel Advisor

I can’t wait for the next layer to be added to this big business gossip cake.

Gaine looks good. I’m glad he’s bounced back. Hopefully he found some way to receive forgiveness for the cowardice that orchestrated a horrendous offseason for your Houston Texans.

This dumb saga isn’t over yet. It won’t be until Houston hires a general manager of its own. Stay tuned until 2020.