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Houston Texans Sign Bryan Anger, Release Drew Lewis

The first move of training camp has been made.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Giants

The Houston Texans flirted with signing Marquette King earlier this offseason. I’ve cooled off since then. That being said, Trevor Daniel was great last year. The Texans don’t need a punter competition. They are set at punter.

Yet here we are. Phew. I’ll stop. I said I won’t get mad. I’m taking a bath in a Yeti mug and watching my breath heave in and out.

To make room for Bryan Anger, Houston released inside linebacker Drew Lewis. This move is also the first move Houston’s Article of Confederation has made. It’s a monumental moment in franchise history. Unbelievable.

Here’s another tweet from the Texans’ PR department, doing what they do best to give you some Anger propaganda.

Anger will forever be known as the guy drafted ahead of Russell Wilson. Now he’s a Texan. Hopefully Daniel keeps kicking the hell out of the ball and keeps his job.

There. That’s better.