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Groupthink: NFC Playoff Teams

The BRB crew projects the six playoff teams coming from the other conference.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The AFC is a well-oiled machine composed of the New England Patriots and the other premier franchises like the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s how it goes in that conference. The NFC is about the high-flying, super-talented, momentum-riding teams. The 2015 Panthers, the 2017 Eagles, the 2018 Rams. Whoever is the new hot team is usually who takes the crown in this conference. Who will it be this time around?

The masthead at BRB takes a swing at it by offering their way too early playoff picks.

Matt Weston

Once again, full disclaimer, I have no idea yet, even if I’ll never really have an idea. I still haven’t put the effort into this I am going to in like ten days.

That being said, this is how I feel for now:

NFCE: Philadelphia Eagles--Of all the picks this is the I am the most sure of. Their defensive line and offensive line is killer. Carson Wentz is still skinny and needs some titty milk, but is a tremendous playmaking quarterback when he’s healthy. They are also one of the deepest teams in the league, and I don’t dig the rest of the division that much.

NFCS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers--I don’t like the Saints that much this year! They keep pushing all their chips into every season, haven’t had a full draft class or cap space in two years, and didn’t get better this offseason. Also Drew Brees’s arm last year was butt in the postseason and he lost his arm as the season wore down. I have my concerns. I like Carolina, but I don’t know if Cam is healthy. The Falcons skinny fast defense is always hurt. More than anything I love teams who throw it downfield. The Bucs are going to do this. Hopefully the defense can force enough turnovers. I got gain 200 pounds, head to Tommy Bahama, and live off steak and cigars.

NFCN: Chicago Bears--The defense won’t force as many turnovers, and won’t be as good, but I do think Mitch Trubisky gets better. He was a pretty raw quarterback coming out of college, and has improved tremendously every season. I think his play makes up for the slight defensive fall off.

NFCW: Seattle Seahawks--The Rams regress. The 49ers will be better by default, but I still don’t trust Jimmy G’s health. Where’s the pizza place we always get pizza at? The Cards are going to be absurd. It just kind of leaves the Seahawks and their good defense, and great passing offense whenever they want to utilize it.

WC1: Green Bay Packers--They have a chance to have the best pass rush in football. You’d like for their to be more passing weapons for Aaron Rodgers, but he should be able to make chicken salad out of some moldy relish, a cadaverous apple, and the last slimy cheese dog in the package.

WC2: Dallas Cowboys--The schedule is easy. There’s enough talent here. I don’t know.

Capt Ron:

NFCN: Bears—This is a very complete roster that should translate into a division title if they don’t get submarined by a kicker this season. The rest of the division also looks pretty weak going into 2019.

NFCE: Cowboys—It will be hard to stomach, especially if the other team we love in Texas doesn’t make it to the post season, because those Dallas fans are already insufferable, but this team looks as strong as any on paper in quite a few years. They also have a hell of a salary cap headache waiting for them in 2020, so there is no more runway for this group; deliver now or enter a major rebuild.

NFCW: Rams—They certainly had things break their way quite conveniently for a heavily contested conference title last year, and should continue to carry that momentum into another deep run in 2019. The Cardinals will be the new Browns of the NFL for some time, and the Seahawks are far from the championship caliber of a few years ago.

NFCS: Saints—They were robbed like sunburned cruise ship tourists in a Caribbean port during last year’s NFC title game, and I expect to see them knocking again with a revengeful edge this season. Of course they’ll come out of the gate in their home opener on Monday Night Football by torching the hell out of Bill O’Brien’s version of the Texans who play it too conservative in the “All Field Goal Offense.”

Wildcard 1: Eagles—This team has all the right pieces to be in the mix again for a deep run.

Wildcard 2: 49ers—The rebuild is nearly complete and it’s time for this formula to start paying dividends.


Well, here’s my hawt take.

NFCE: Iggles

NFCN: Vikings

NFCW: Rams

NFCS: Saints

WC1: Bears

WC2: Packers

There’s some serious talent in the NFC this year, and most of the best teams in football next year will come from that division. I mean, I left the Seahawks out.

Matt Burnham:

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles. They have the most talented quarterback in the division and I believe their roster can go toe to toe with anyone. Doug Pederson might be the best coach in the conference, too.

NFC North: The Green Bay Packers will return. Aaron Rodgers will remind us why he is Aaron Rodgers. I also love what they have done with the defense through free agency and the draft.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers*. This comes with an asterisk because it depends on the health of Cam Newton. I think the Panthers would have won the division last year had Cam not had his season ruined by a vicious TJ Watt hit. If he is not healthy, I will take the Atlanta Falcons and their high powered offense to win. They also get back a healthy Deion Jones and a healthy Keanu Neal.

NFC West: Los Angeles Rams. Much like the Eagles, this roster can match with anyone. My Memphis roots leave me enamored with the draft selection of Darrell Henderson to back up Todd Gurley and I think the experience from last season’s postseason will help them. Sean McVay is still there.

Wild Card 1: Atlanta Falcons*. They will take a wild card spot if Cam Newton is healthy but will win the division if he is not. Otherwise I have the Chicago Bears taking this one. I am not a Mitchell Trubisky fan but their defense is elite and that will be enough to win ten games.

Wild Card 2: Dallas Cowboys. I said before the 2018 season that the Cowboys defense would fly under the radar and be among the best. I love their linebacking core. I believe Zeke is the best running back in the league. Their ceiling for playoff success is low with Dak under center but they can still win nine or ten games.

Those our are selections. Who do you have making the playoffs in the NFC?