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Red Zone Play: Houston Texans, Trade For Trent Williams

Speak it and it shall be!

Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

While all the news flying out of training camp is, mostly, gushingly positive, the tidbits regarding Houston’s “rebuilt” offensive line is not the stuff that makes fans feel confident the team did what it needed to do in the offseason to address the worst unit in the league from 2018.

To be clear, the headline isn’t a statement. It’s an order.

Houston spent their first round draft pick on Alabama State left tackle Tytus Howard. Moments after training camp began, word spread that Houston was using Howard as a left guard, not tackle, planting oft-injured newly acquired lineman Matt Kalil at the left tackle spot.

It wasn’t long before Kalil’s name was supplanted by Julien Davenport in the single most important line position of left tackle.

Then, this entire conversation quickly took a back seat to stories of how great J.J. Watt is looking in camp (well, duh), then, stories of the improvement of defensive linemen D.J. Reader and Angelo Blackson - guys that are hardly NFL Top 100 listers like Watt.

If the offensive line isn’t improving, it makes it easy to believe the defensive linemen are, imply because they’re having an easier time shining against a unit that was so poor last season it ranked dead last in the league.

But, scanning the news cycle can often unearth some gems of hope.

Over at Fansided, there’s a very intriguing story of what ifs.

What if Houston traded for Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams?

Williams currently isn’t on speaking terms with the ‘Skins, refusing to show up to training camp and essentially demanding a divorce from the Bruce Allen led Redskins for a variety of reasons from money to medical treatment.

Sure the Redskins might be tanking their super bowl dreams for 2019 by letting Williams out of the building, but let’s face it, Daniel Snyder is never lifting a Lombardi anyway, so they might as well do what they can to appease the fans by pulling off a crazy trade with Houston.

If Houston was willing to give up a first round draft pick for Tytus Howard, they should certainly be willing to do that for Trent Williams. And, by doing so, Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller V, Keke Coutee and Lamar Miller suddenly go next level.

Williams, a 6’5” 320 lbs product of Longview Texas, would probably love to come play for his hometown team, because Houston > Washington all day. Trust me, I’ve lived in both places and H-Town wins in every category unless you’re a politician or crack dealer. Yes, teh six time pro bowler would love living in Sugarland with other Texans all-pros.

Bringing in Williams immediately upgrades Houston’s running game, passing attack and gives a nitrous infusion to the development of Tytus Howard and fellow rookie Max Sharping, taken in the 2nd round to bolster the right side of the line.

Houston needs Williams, Williams needs to come home to Texas and Bruce Allen needs to keep Bruce Allen-ing things in the Capital City.

To that end, we’re speaking this into existence!

Now if only the Flat Earth Management Team can make this happen. Let’s not just sit back and wait for the phone to ring, Mr. Mcnair, let’s be proactive to push this offense over the top. Take advantage of the current window with Deshaun “Michael JordanWatson, DeAndre “Madden 99” Hopkins, Lamar “I’ll take another one 90+ yards” Miller and the surging tight end group. Let’s stop forcing the Watt and Jadeveon Clowney led defense to win games for us and be proactive.

Speak it and it shall be!

Your mission? Lobby for it! Take to social media, email the team, let them know the fans want to see this offense put up fireworks that puts Manhattan’s 4th of July celebration to shame.

Williams is the spark that will ignite this offense.

Let it be so!