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Rotoworld’s Houston Texans Fantasy Preview

It’s almost here.

NFL Combine - Day 1

Close. We are almost there. Soon NFL season preview magazines will be sitting next to the candy bars, batteries, and peanuts in the checkout line at the grocery store, what will happen to them once we no longer need cashiers, a Football Outsiders Almanac PDF will be sitting in your mailbox, and preseason football will be repeated and replayed over and over again and none of it will mean anything at all.

Rotoworld jumped the gun just a bit. They are releasing fantasy season previews for each team already. For the Texans, this means taking DeAndre Hopkins in the first round, Deshaun Watson in the second round, and hoping and praying no one snags Keke Coutee before you can. It’s a long article. Here’s a glimpse of what they had to say.

2018 Stats (Rank)

Total Offense: 5,802 yards (15th)

Offensive Touchdowns: 38 (18th)

Offensive Plays: 1,040 (7th)

Pass Attempts + Sacks: 568 (22nd)

Rush Attempts: 472 (4th)

Unaccounted for Targets: 120 (15th)

Unaccounted for Carries: 151 (9th)

Coaching Staff

Though he’s spent much of his Texans tenure on the hot seat, Bill O’Brien is, against all odds, still standing. Hired from the college ranks after an impressive two-year run at Penn State, O’Brien has served as Houston’s head honcho since 2014. To his credit, the Texans have only endured one losing season under O’Brien, though they’ve been chronic underachievers in the playoffs, compiling a miserable 1-3 postseason record during that span. A proud alumnus of Belichick U (he spent five years as a New England assistant including one as offensive coordinator), O’Brien has shown a diabolical side at times, winning power struggles with past GMs Rick Smith and Brian Gaine. Survival instincts aside, O’Brien has developed into one of the more seasoned offensive minds in football, winning the trust of franchise signal-caller Deshaun Watson, who publicly vouched for him during a recent rough patch. After leaving the offensive coordinator position vacant last year (O’Brien doubled as the team’s de facto OC), 32-year-old Tim Kelly will begin his first NFL coordinating stint following a two-year spell as Houston’s tight ends coach. The defense will again be coordinated by Romeo Crennel (also from the New England coaching tree), who has served in that capacity since 2014.

If your mouth is wet, and you still want more, you can read the entire post here.