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Houston Texans Podcast: NFC East 2019 Season Preview

The 2019 NFL Season Preview begins. Oh, it begins.

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NFL: DEC 09 Eagles at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s time to begin.

The 2019 NFL Season beings in three weeks, and to get ready for this 2019 season, before entropy comes in and turns a stable environment into chaos, the NFL season is going to be previewed in podcast form here at Battle Red Blog.

First up it’s the NFC East. Can Dallas’s young defense makeup for the impending regression and are the numbers out of whack because of their pre-Amari trade offense, is there a good team lurking inside of New York’s (G) carapace, should there be Carson Wentz concerns as he gets ready to lead a complete and deep Philadelphia team, and just how bad can Washington’s offense be? REAL BAD.

The direct link is here. The embedded player is below.

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