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Houston Texans Injury News: A Keke Coutee Update, And Hamstring Troubles

An update on the team’s health before Detroit comes into town.

Houston Texans v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions will be in Houston on Wednesday for joint practices. Houston and Detroit will battle it out to see who is the most faux New England team in the league. This is happening a week after the Texans played the Packers and practiced with them up with the butter people in Green Bay.

Last week sent a couple of players to the trainer’s room. Keke Coutee was tackled and rolled his ankle. There was plenty of speculation, as what happens this time of year, that Coutee smashed his entire leg and would never play again. As it turns out, the ankle injury isn’t a ‘major’ one. I’d expect for Coutee to miss the remainder of the preseason and DeAndre Carter will come in and fill in the slot.

Everyone else has a hamstring injury. Recently acquired Duke Johnson won’t play this week because of a hamstring injury. Jordan Thomas and Kahale Warring still have hamstring troubles of their own.

The last update you probably already know, but I want to ensure this is cemented here in the BRB universe. A.J. McCarron suffered a thumb injury in Green Bay. He’s not expected to play for the rest of the preseason. Instead Joe Webb will have the honor of running for his life for the entire preseason.

The Texans will begin their practices with the Lions tomorrow. As always, let’s hope everyone stays healthy forever and that we will never die.