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BRB Predicts The Titans’ 2019 Season Record

Here’s what everyone else thinks.

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Yesterday, I picked the Titans to go 8-8 this season. They’ll play better than they did in 2018, but I predict a one win drop from their overall win total last year. A lack of elite talent and a crappy passing game will once again prevent them from making the NFL Playoffs.

That was yesterday. As POD once said, every day is a new day. And so on this new day, I asked the BRB staff to give their predictions on how the Titans will fare in 2019. Here are their responses:

Matt Burnham:

I will add a caveat to my predictions.

*IF Marcus Mariota stays healthy for 16 games, I think 10-6 is a possibility if they catch a few lucky breaks. I actually like their roster as a whole. There’s nothing that wows me, but they are solid everywhere. The offensive line, the line backing core, the offensive playmakers, etc. It’s a well-rounded but not star-studded team.

That being said, I don’t trust his health. So I think they are looking at an 8-8 season. They’re like the NFL’s Miami Heat. Never good enough to make noise, never bad enough to pull the plug or get a high draft pick.

P.S. That Kevin Byard deal is going to end up being a disaster.

Mike Bullock:


They’ll beat a few teams they shouldn’t beat, lose to many they shouldn’t lose to and come within 3 points of victory more often than not. Mike Vrabel did well as a linebacker coach, but haven’t seen a reason to believe he’s a great head coach yet.

Between that deficiency and Mariota’s inconsistency and health, this team won’t challenge for the Division crown or even a wildcard spot.


The franchise should be burned to the ground, the earth salted, re-burned to the ground, and then I’ll urinate on what’s left.

0-infinity record. Screw that team.

Capt Ron:

They will suffer the curse of Bud Adam’s disgusting greed until the day they surrender the Oilers’ history back to Houston where it was earned and still rightly belongs. Aye, until that day, they will sweat and bleed and eat dust in great misery to the pleasure and thunderous applause of the faithful and true football fans of Texas.

The Leader of Men will guide them to a 5-11 record with great agony through 2019. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits each morning and night. Delight!

Uprooted Texan:

I’m kind of bullish on the Traitors. so I’m going to say they go 7-9, just good enough to make the Texans a little nervous, but not good enough to actually make anything of it.

Why? I question the depth of their talent and, lest we forget, Mike Vrabel is just as much a part of the Belichick coaching tree as BOB is. And don’t forget that every branch of that tree is made of diarrhea bees.

Everyone is in the same neighborhood, except for Burnham, who is a Tennessee denizen with a poisoned brain propagated by a hopeful blue jean allegiance and still thinks a magical Marcus Mariota season will happen even though it will never happen. Most of us are in the same 7-9 to 9-7 range, which is the most likely range of possibilities for an NFL team.

Anyways, what do you think? How will the Titans finish in 2019?