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Report: Jadeveon Clowney May Extend His Holdout Into Regular Season

It’s never gonna stop. So batter up.

Houston Texans v New York Jets Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Oh, we have seen it all, haven’t we? Every form of Jadeveon Clowney rumor has been squeezed out the NFL’s screenplay like milk out of some galactic pink teat.

Clowney wanted to remain in Houston on a long-term deal.

Then the Texans looked to shop him before the 2019 NFL Draft.

Then Brian Gaine was fired.

Then the deadline for Clowney to sign a multi-year deal, either with the Texans or a team that traded for him, passed before an agreement could be made.

Then the Texans were reportedly shopping him once again.

Then Clowney would be traded this week.

Within 24-48 hours.

Clowney would be traded for a first round pick, or a receiver, or a running back, and now apparently maybe just a second round pick.

He would be traded to the Dolphins, but Clowney wouldn’t sign a tender to play for a non-contender, even after reportedly meeting with new head coach Brian Flores.

Now fan bases across the NFL are offering up horrendous trade proposals for Clowney. Halapoulivaati Vaitai and a future fourth. Kenyan Drake and a future second.

The inclusion or exclusion of Laremy Tunisil is a deal breaker.

The Seahawks have Germain Ifedi—who cares if he can’t pass block?

Everything is happening while simultaneously nothing is happening. It’s mindless web browsing come to life as everyone snarls and fights to break news without any repercussions.

A few weeks ago, word was that Clowney was supposed to head back to Houston, sign his franchise tag, and become a Texan agan after the third preseason game. That hasn’t happened either

The newest rumor, as an infinitely dumb saga has grown to an even dumber one as each dumb twist and turn takes us to another dumb plot point, is that Clowney could extend his holdout into out into the regular season.

From a player’s perspective, this may be the smartest move. By holding out, Clowney would lose compensation for each game he misses this season, but it could lead to him forcing a trade to a location that he prefers. If he doesn’t play at all in 2019, he could be shrinking the base salary on future a long-term contract, but he removes the risk of injury and ending up like Earl Thomas did last year. If Clowney plays under the tag through the entire regular season, he’ll run the risk of an injury jeopardizing what he’s been searching for this entire offseason.

It’s important to remember these are all just rumors. Nothing is clear. No one has any idea what’s happening. Reality is a fragile illusion. The truth isn’t out there.

Make this damn thing go away.