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Houston Texans Trades: Acquire Keion Crossen From Patriots; Nab Carlos Hyde For Martinas Rankin

It’s busy today.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
Carlos Hyde is not good at the footballs.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Texans made a couple moves not involving Jadeveon Clowney on Saturday afternoon:

Carlos Hyde, the former 57th pick out of Ohowihateohio State in 2014, will slide nicely and directly into Alfred Blue’s role of slamming against the back of the nearest offensive lineman in Houston. Hyde, who turns 29 this year, has been an effective back in only one of his five seasons in the NFL, and he’s now joining his fifth team in two years. Over the past two years, Hyde has gained 3.7 y/a, and he’s ineffective in the passing game.

By all accounts, he had a terrible preseason for the Chiefs. Please welcome Alfred Blue 2.0 to the Texans.

Both Martinas Rankin and Hyde were being cut by the Texans and Chiefs, respectively.

One more from RapSheet:

Here’s a quick write-up on Keion Crossen, and it matches my take on him nicely. He’s definitely on the smaller side, and I don’t see how he plays anywhere but the slot, but there is some serious athleticism here. Of course, he has a long way to go to be an NFL corner. I haven’t seen a report on what the Texans gave up for Crossen, but let’s all hope that Nick Caserio wasn’t able to snag a first round pick from Bill O’Brien in this trade.