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Report: Texans Trading For Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills For Multiple Picks


Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Laremy Tunsil coming to the Texans?
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Hours after sending Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle for very little, this seems like a big deal:

Clearly, adding Laremy Tunsil to the Texans would be a good thing, but what’s the cost?

Worst of all, this is a win-now moving coming just hours after trading Jadeveon Clowney, a true difference-maker on the defensive side of the ball.

This trade seems like yet another desperation move by a front office with no plan, no strategy, and no idea what they are doing, but we’ll see.

UPDATE I: The Texans are mortgaging their future for Tunsil.

UPDATE II: It’s not just draft picks involved in acquiring Tunsil and Stills.

UPDATE III: The Texans will also get a draft pick back from Miami in the Tunsil/Stills deal.

UPDATE IV: A few quick thoughts:

- It seems to me, at least, that Bill O’Brien is mortgaging the Texans’ future to win this year. Before trading Clowney, that might have been reasonable. After trading Clowney, though, my old UT intramural team could drop 30 on the Texans’ defense, and we’re all about 50 now.

- The Tytus Howard, left tackle of the future experiment, is over.

- If you have any doubt about how poorly Brian Gaine handled this offseason before he got fired, this should put all doubts of that to rest.

- BOB has no grand strategy. He’s just flailing around at this point.

- This is a lot to give up for Tunsil. The Bears gave up two first rounders for Khahil Mack, but Mack is truly elite at his position. Left tackles are more valuable than pass rushers - not by much! - but we gave up more for Tunsil, who is above average but not yet elite.

- As for the season, today doesn’t move the needle much. The Texans’ defense got much, much worse today, but Deshaun Watson has a better chance of staying vertical and clean for the entire season. That said, only two of our offensive line positions are remotely competent - Tunsil and wherever Zach Fulton plays - so there’s still work to do on the offensive line.