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Houston Texans Roster News: Texans Sign Phillip Gaines, Cut Aaron Colvin

One corner in, while another, who was a prize in Houston's free agent frenzy of 2018, is gone.

Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns
Phillip Gaines with the Browns.
Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Bake ‘em away, Aaron Wilson:

After last night’s CB play (Looking at you, Aaron Colvin), signing for depth is not a shock. Gaines was released by the Browns on 9/7/2019 with an injury settlement due to a concussion.

Gaines was a thirdround pick (#87 overall) by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014. He never lived up to that draft status with the Chiefs, and he has a reputation of picking up a ton of penalties, including 131 penalty yards with the Bills in 2018 in just seven (7) games. In addition, he’s had an injury-marred career, including the aforementioned concussion, an ACL tear, and an elbow injury. He’s played just 52 games out of a potential 80 in his career.

This is your basic depth signing by a team desperate for help at corner. I wonder what Phillip Buchanon is up to these days?

UPDATE: Not two minutes after I hit publish, Aaron Colvin was cut:

I’m old enough to remember when we let A.J. Bouye sign with the Glitter Kitties so we could replace him with Colvin. Genius. Well done, front office.

UPDATE II: As Boyce corrected me, Colvin was a Brian Gaine signing. For a GM who was only here for about 16 months, Gaine did a ton of damage to this franchise.