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2019 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

Here’s how things look after the first week of the 2019 regular season.

NFL: Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

All is right in the world. A new NFL season is here and no longer do we have to pretend to care about the NBA or golf. Instead, we get Thursday night, Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday night games to fill our schedules.

Every NFL fan enters the season with hope. After Week 1, some fans have resigned themselves to a season of anger and binge drinking while others are saving pennies for a Super Bowl trip.

Here’s where each team ranks heading into Week 2:

  1. New England Patriots (1-0)

The Patriots look like the best team in the league and primed for another Super Bowl run. They added Antonio Brown to an offense that only needs to compliment an outstanding defense. The rest of the league can only look on and hope that the AB move is the iceberg that sinks the Titanic.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did what everyone expected, and in the process reminded everyone why they are a Super Bowl favorite. Tyreek Hill’s injury will be something to keep an eye on, but Sammy Watkins looked like an above-average replacement. The only question that keeps the Chiefs out of the top spot is whether or not their defense can keep up.

3. Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Cowboys were the one that impressed me the most this weekend. Everyone suspected their defense would be good and it was, but the offensive explosion was something no one saw coming. Sure, it was against a Giants team that figures to be one of the worst in the league. Still, it was impressive. Who knew Dak Prescott could look that good throwing the ball? Put Kellen Moore down for Assistant Coach of the Year.

4. New Orleans Saints (1-0)

Wil Lutz hit a 58-yd field goal to put the Saints in the winner’s circle after their Monday night game against the Texans. As you’d expect, Drew Brees looked comfortable throwing to Michael Thomas, and that duo should put up huge numbers this season. The Saints should be a little concerned that it took them so long to show up against a weak Texans defense, though.

5. Baltimore Ravens (1-0)

Wow! Lamar Jackson looked like a man on a mission. He probably got tired of hearing the football “analysis” about how he’s just a running back in the wrong position. I don’t fault them at all for playing the Dolphins. After all, you can only play who they put in front of you. The Ravens took care of business and put the rest of the AFC North on notice.

6. Los Angeles Rams (1-0)

Super Bowl hangover? That remains to be seen. The Rams took care of business against a Panthers team that many suspect could be a playoff team this year. It wasn’t as flashy as last year but they still put up 30 points.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

The Eagles let the Redskins hang around for far too long on Sunday before finally putting them away in the fourth quarter. Carson Wentz found his new favorite target DeSean Jackson for two TD’s. Jackson looked like he did when he first put the Eagles jersey on years ago and if he keeps it up, he’ll be the feared deep threat the Eagles need. Eagles fans should enjoy watching that connection all season.

8. Green Bay Packers (1-0)

Green Bay looked overmatched at times against a great Bears’ defense, but Aaron Rodgers did just enough to squeak out a win on the opening game of the season. The real story in this game was how good the Packers’ defense looked. Long considered the weak point of this team, if they can put together a good season, look for the Pack to be a quiet Super Bowl contender

9. Los Angeles Chargers (1-0)

The Chargers took care of a Colts team still reeling from the loss of Andrew Luck. These are the types of games the Chargers will have to win to keep pace with the Chiefs in the AFC West this season. I would be more confident in this team if Melvin Gordon shows up eventually, but for now, Austin Ekeler looks like a serviceable replacement.

10. Houston Texans (0-1)

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. The Texans put forth a valiant effort on Monday night, but couldn’t close the deal. Deshaun Watson looks like a franchise-altering QB. Those two throws to put the Texans up late were incredible. Not every QB in the NFL can do that, folks. The defense will be a weak link this season and takes a majority of the blame for Monday’s loss. Just don’t overlook the poor coaching that is really responsible for the loss.

11. Chicago Bears (0-1)

The Bears defense is dangerous. The pass rushers had Aaron Rodgers playing like a man scared of his own shadow. An obvious achilles heel of this team is quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. I’m beginning to get flashes of Mark Sanchez and that should worry any Bears’ fan. Will we get a play as memorable as the butt fumble though?

12. Minnesota Vikings (1-0)

Dalvin Cook, have yourself a game! Cook has to be thrilled about Gary Kubiak bringing his old-school, run-oriented offense to town. He’ll be getting a ton of work this season and the zone running scheme looks perfect for his style of running. Kirk Cousins, the former highest paid quarterback in the league, only attempted 10 passes. Something tells me the Vikings are ok with that stat.

13. Seattle Seahawks (1-0)

Seattle struggled against a Bengals team that many think won’t be very good this season. That being said, their newest acquisition Jadeveon Clowney looked good in their defensive scheme. Look for him to have a big year.

14. Tennessee Titans (1-0)

The Titans quickly put an end to all the Browns hype. Tennessee looked really dominate as they dismantled the Browns. Derrick Henry went off and Mariota played a mistake free game. Unfortunately, this is the formula the Titans will have to stick to in order to make the playoffs and I don’t think Mariota will be able to keep pace.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)

Well that was embarrassing. The Steelers got pantsed on national television. Anyone turning on Sunday night’s game expecting an AFC Championship game matchup was sorely disappointed. The Steelers will need to pull it together and quick as they have a Seahawks team coming to town this week.

16. Carolina Panthers (0-1)

Christian McCaffrey will have to be Superman this season to keep the Panthers in games. Cam Newton didn’t look all the way back and there is always a high chance he’ll get injured. If he stays healthy though, this team has some fight in them.

17. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Not bad for a team that lost its General only weeks ago. The ghost of Andrew Luck will hang over this team all season. The Colts have depth and talent all over the field, but they have to trust Jacoby Brissett to put it together quick if they want to compete this season. If you want to see an amazing play, check out Malik Hooker’s endzone INT.

18. Buffalo Bills (1-0)

The Bills won but, they won ugly. Josh Allen is the very definition of a blue-collar quarterback. He just chips away all game until he finally breaks through. The Bills will follow his lead and chip away at teams all season. They will have a better season than most people expect.

19. Cleveland Browns (0-1)

It took precisely one game for the Browns to fall back into mediocrity again. All the offseason hype and moves meant absolutely nothing as they were completely embarrassed by the Titans. Baker Mayfield has the moxie to move past this but will a Browns culture that has grown used to losing be able to move on as quickly?

20. Atlanta Falcons (0-1)

Not much to say about the Falcons. They lost to the Vikings and didn’t look very good. Their offensive line took a hit after Chris Lindstrom broke his foot and will probably miss the season.

21. San Francisco 49ers (1-0)

If you watched the 49ers play the Buccaneers this weekend than you must not have much going on. This game was ugly. Jimmy Garoppolo looked sloppy. Tevin Coleman got hurt. Kwon Alexander was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Those are the most exciting things that happened. Don’t expect the 49ers to do much this season.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I got tired of hearing the Jaguars hype all off-season. Everyone expected their D to return to their 2017 form and lead the team to challenge for the AFC South title. The reality is that their defense is probably closer to the 2018 version than the 2017 version. Now that Nick Foles is hurt, rookie Gardner Minshew will have to try and lead this team into the playoffs.

23. New York Jets (0-1)

Oh, poor New York Jets. They led for most of the game only to give it away at the end to the Bills. I still think they are positioned to make a run for second in the AFC East and may even challenge for a playoff spot. Sam Darnold is a good player.

24. Oakland Raiders (1-0)

After an offseason and training camp full of drama, it must have been nice to get back to football. Derek Carr only missed four passes and Josh Jacobs scored twice. The Raiders probably won’t have a winning season but it was nice to get the opening game.

25. Denver Broncos (0-1)

So much for the Broncos being a popular sleeper pick. Losing to the Raiders in your first game is never good and it looks worse when Joe Flacco is leading your team. Von Miller and Bradley Chubb didn’t look like the feared tandem of edge rushers everyone expected. If they hope to turn it around, it’s going to be up to Miller and Chubb to rain fire down on opposing offenses.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)

No one expected the Bengals to be good. Everyone expected them to get smoked by the Seahawks. Instead, they walked in CenturyLink Field and played the Seahawks tough. Losing by one point is still a loss, but Bengals fans should feel good that new head coach Zac Taylor has his team ready to play.

27. Washington Redskins (0-1)

Raise your hand if you expected the Redskins to have any chance against the Eagles? Now, if you’re related to any Redskins player, please put your hand down. The rest of us had more realistic expectations. Good for them for making it an entertaining game for us though. After Jay Gruden’s comments about Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice’s injury, expect there to be more drama in the locker room than on the field for this team.

28. Arizona Cardinals (0-0-1)

Kyler Murray looked bad for three quarters. Then the fourth quarter hit and Murray looked like the Heisman winning version of his OU days. Larry Fitzgerald looks old out on the field but still is putting up good numbers. We’ll have to wait and see if the Cardinals Kingsbury experiment pays dividends.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1)

Turns out that Bruce Arians isn’t magic. Even he can’t fix the trash heap that is Jameis Winston as a pro quarterback. This team will be bad until they decide to move on from Winston. It’s going to be a long season in Tampa Bay.

30. Detroit Lions (0-0-1)

It seems like the Lions are one of those teams that are constantly stuck in a black hole of despair. Taking on a rookie head coach and a rookie QB, they were expected to start their season with a win. Instead, Detroit choked and gave up a fourth quarter lead. No one likes a tie. The lone bright spot for Detroit, rookie TE T.J Hockenson.

31. New York Giants (0-1)

After the Patriots signed AB, there was a meme going around joking about how Eli was the only person who can stop the Patriots now. Yea….might want to rethink that joke. You may not be able to spell Elite without Eli but you can spell moving on without him. The Giants need to put Daniel Jones in and find out if they wasted a 1st round pick.

32. Miami Dolphins (0-1)

There’s something to be said here about the Dolphins…well, there is a lot to be said here. They looked terrible. They looked like a D-II team that got scheduled as the warm-up for Alabama. After the game, apparently multiple players called their agents asking for a trade. When the best story coming out of a game day is trade rumors, you’ve made a huge mistake.