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Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Texans 27, Chargers 20

The Texans’ offense explodes to propel the Texans past the Chargers in L.A.

NFL: Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans’ day started in less than optimal fashion with their opening drive ending after Deshaun Watson had a brain fart, which lef to a fumble that Desmond King of the Chargers managed to recover. To compound this mistake, the Chargers started their drive on the Texans’ 15 yard line and made quick work of Houston’s defense, as Philip Rivers connected with Keenan Allen for the Chargers’ opening score of the game.

The Texans struggled for the first half to get things moving, and the Chargers added another three points onto their lead before Deshaun Watson and Kenny Stills connected on a 38 yard flea flicker that put the Texans in scoring position. The Texans capitalized with Watson slinging a 16 yard pass to TE Darren Fells to put the Texans within 3. The Texans’ secondary was in the midst of some struggles, though. Unable to corral Keenan Allen at all, they hemorrhaged yards and the Chargers regained their footing through a Rivers-to-Allen 12 yard strike to put the Chargers up 17-7 heading into halftime.

The Texans started the second half strong, with the defensive line causing problems for the motionless, pocket-bound Rivers. On the offensive side of the ball, the offensive line bought Watson enough time for him to start slinging the ball around the field. A 30 yard strike to Will Fuller from Watson was the catalyst before Carlos Hyde plowed his way in to put the Texans within three points. After having a big defensive turnover converted into a big score last week, the Texans once again leaned on the defense to create another opportunity. Whitney Mercilus again caused a fumble and Zach Cunningham recovered to put the Texans back in control. The Texans then relied on another big offensive play, with DeAndre Hopkins taking a short slant 34 yards downfield to put the Texans in the red zone. Two plays later, Watson slung a dime to TE Jordan Akins to put the Texans ahead in the scoreboard. The Texans were now rolling and the defense engineered another stop before the offense took the field with the lead and nine minutes remaining in the game.

Maybe they were haunted by images of letting a team back into the game after taking the lead but Deshaun Watson created a moment of sheer magic to give the Texans some insurance. The Chargers’ pass rush began to envelop the pocket, yet Watson evaded it. Watson feigned breaking out of the pocket to run before popping a beautiful short pass to a wide open Jordan Akins, who turned up field and rolled up field for a 53 yard touchdown.

The Chargers attempted a final comeback, but only managed a field goal before the Texans got a stop on their final drive to put the game to bed and to give the Texans the victory in Los Angeles.

The Texans are 2-1.