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Introducing Battle Red Blog’s Newest Writer

BRB has added another member to its masthead.

NFL: AUG 24 Preseason - Texans at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

My name is Kenneth Oliver. I was born and raised in Missouri City, Texas, a small town outside of Southwest Houston, if you didn’t already know that. Although most of you may have not seen me around the site before, I have been following BRB for years.

My bittersweet journey of being a Texans fan started in late 2008. Being an avid and elite online Madden player, I remember being bored online from crushing so many lost souls on the game that it got to the point where I wanted to try out a new team. Soon after searching, I decided playing with the Houston Texans would be the perfect challenge for me to leave online Madden players questioning their existence. It wasn’t until then that I realized Houston (primarily thanks to Andre Johnson) was actually a decent team. They have been my go-to Madden team ever since.

My interest in the Texans started to grow the more I continued to play with them. I went from following them on a video game to following them in real life. The first season I become a devoted Texans fan was also the first time they went 9-7. I remember how excited I was, thinking this new milestone symbolized new beginnings. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. The next season, the Texans went 6-10 after the heartbreak overtime losses, the Matt Schaub picks, and the Houston’s version of the Fail Mary. That was when I learned the true meaning of what being a disgruntled Texans fan was all about.

Battle Red Blog was introduced to me during my third season of my Texans’ fandom. I don’t remember exactly how I discovered it, but I do remember checking the site every day. The same year I found BRB was the same season the Texans won their first division title. I still remember the fourth quarter thread of the Texans-Bengals game when everyone was so excited after Kevin Walter caught a touchdown pass that sent us to the NFL Playoffs for the first time.

I enjoyed reading the writers that were/are on the site, like Brett Kollmann and Matt Weston, who broke the game down and expanded my knowledge of the game I love. My only hope is to continue to create and add great content to a site that has been involved in my life since I was in high school.

In addition to loving the Texans, my favorite sports are football and rugby. I was on the rugby team when I was in college, but my career was cut short after a broken ankle. I am also a writer on You Can Argue That Sports. You can click here if you want to see more of my work as a disgruntled Texans fan. Follow me on Twitter @TheBookOfKenny. I’d love to have more Texans fans beautify my timeline.

Now that I introduced myself to you, it’s your turn to let me know who you are. Sound off in the comment section so I can get familiar with all of you. And most importantly, go Texans!