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Houston Texans Podcast: Texans-Saints Monday Night Football Preview

Tonight, tonight. Matt and BFD preview the Texans’ Monday Night Football matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Today is about finding that mood. Getting in that right head space for the Texans’ first regular season game of 2019 against the New Orleans Saints. Here’s a checklist so you can feel how you should feel once that glorious ball goes soaring through an enclosed climate controlled environment:

—Mix red liquid, your choice, a lot of ice, and Everclear together. Sip and savor. Kill your insides. Spoil your already rotten liver.

—Stop by Popeyes and grab a quart of red beans and rice. Do this before you guzzle the red mixture discussed above. Don’t drink and drive. If you forget, I’m sure the gig economy has an app for you.

—Read the Ignatius Reilly sections of A Confederacy of Dunces. Move back in with your mother. Complain about your valve. Curse Fortuna, that nebulous nymph.

—Shoot as many alligators as you can in Red Dead Redemption Two. Just make sure not to walk into that cajun man’s shack.

—And most importantly, listen to this version of Battle Red Radio.

On this episode, BFD and I broke down the Houston Texans’ matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Topics include whether Houston can get to Drew Brees, offensive line matchups they’ll be able to take advantage of, Brees’s impending 2019 collapse, can Houston move the ball against this Saints’ pass defense, and the need for Bill O’Brien to call an aggressive game plan.

Here is the direct link. The embedded player is below.

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